Tarleton Catholic Campus Minsitry
Wednesday Worship
On our Wednesday Worship (W.W), we meet to further our faith, our studies and ourselves. These activities vary from worship services, bible studies, performing volunteer services, playing dodgeball at the Rec Center, or just joining together in fellowship. Often time and time again, just being with others that share the same interests can help make your time away from home that much easier and exciting!

All Wednesday activities will meet at 8:00 p.m. This allows any and all students to come join us. With many students having afternoon classes and labs, this allows the best time available for as many students to attend. Bible studies will be conducted either at Beans n' Franks or in the Newman Hall, and meetup for service and social events will be at Newman Hall unless specified otherwise. 

With the Wednesday Worship night, we incorporate the traditional values of the Catholic church, with a modern taste. So rather than meeting for a traditional mass, a "worship service" is prepared at the Newman Hall to allow a more direct message on the Scriptures. Most topics, if not all, covered on worship night will be directly tied to current events. As the world is forever changing, we should strive to understand this world we live in that much more. Topics covered vary from the existence of love in times of distress, to understanding the relationship between science and faith, to even the simplest of conversations over the Beatitudes.  

At all Wednesday Weekly events, we hope to be the first step in your journey in not only your faith life, but your collegiate life as well!