Tarleton Catholic Campus Minsitry
Awakening Retreat
Awakening retreats are specifically designed for young adults and college students. The purpose of the retreat is to "Awaken" the young adults spiritually, and dispel any false notions one may have of the Catholic faith and teachings. Tarleton attends two main retreats held in the North Texas area: Maverick Awakening and Comet Awakening. Maverick Awakening is put on by UT-Arlington, and is typically held in the Tarrant County area. Comet Awakening is put on by UT-Dallas, and is put on in Dallas County.

Now these are not the only Awakening retreats in Texas. There are other universities that sponsor Awakening retreats, but Maverick and Comet Awakening are the main two that Tarleton CCM attend. Other schools that do sponsor Awakening Retreats include, but not limited to, Texas A&M, UT-Austin, Texas State, and TCU.

Dates and details will be posted throughout the semester on when and where the retreats will be held. If more information on what is to be expected of Awakening or any other inquiries, please send an e-mail to tarletoncatholics@gmail.com.